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We’re a family-run operation that has grown steadily over the last ten years to become a trusted cleaning chemical manufacturer. We supply a wide range of household, industrial and commercial cleaning chemicals to companies in every industry, including private homes, schools, hospitals, lodges, restaurants, hotels, and more. If we don’t stock what you’re looking for, we’ll search high and low to find it for you.

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Keep Your Business Skeaky-Clean Without Breaking The Bank

We have everything under one roof and cater to any customer. There are no minimum order requirements and no request is too bog or small.

Certified Manufacturere

Our Chemicals are certified for home and industrial use and we provide MSDS sheets on request.

Experienced & Safe

We have close to a decade of experience in the production of cleaning chemicals

Competative Prices

In-house production means we have strict control over entire process and we cut out the middleman, giving you the most affordable prices.

Knowledgeable Staff

Our sales staff would love to help you find the right products for your business.

wholesale chemical & soap Supplier.

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We’re mindful of how we interact with our clients and want everyone who buys from us to feel like they have a trusted professional in their corner.

Whether you’re looking for large quantities of cleaning chemicals or a monthly supply of basic home essentials, we’ve got you covered.

We’re Your One-Stop Cleaning Shop and we mean it!

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